Store O' Wonderful Goodies

Here is where we list all of our luvverly goodies. Be sure to check back often; our stock is constantly changing! If an item goes out of stock, we will update it on the main page.

UPDATE: This page is currently being updated. Never fear, we sell more than what you see here!

XBox 360 Ring- Limited Edition

£ 3.50 

A while ago, Berry made one of these for Bloom's belated Birthday present, as Bloom is an avid gamer. She loved it so much that we decided to make them available to you guys! Since these were originally made as gifts, we're only selling the ones we have in stock until we stop making them Forever; so you better grab one quick!

These rings are adjustable and the game consoles are handmade from polymer clay. This batch of rings has also been tested for durability and checked. (Bloom proudly wears her's to this day!)



Apple Charm (With Cellphone Lariat)

£ 1.75 

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Whilst these yummy charms aren't the best antioxidants, they'll ensure that you get your prescriptive dose of cute and will keep your cellphones and bags looking healthily chic!


LEGO Skull Pendant

£ 1.60 

Quite possibly the cutest skull you have ever seen! This pendant can be customised to add on any variety of bodies, hand, legs and accessories. Create your own custom character! 

Unlike other mini figure jewellery, no pieces are cut, pierced, glued or drilled in the making of this pendant.

Because of this, our full custom minifig necklaces are made differently to the skull necklaces to ensure durability and a long-lasting product.



Cake Charm with cellphone lariat

£ 1.99 

 These cake charms are part of a series of delectable phone candy. Each cake charm is a slice of the same cake; but every slice is subtly different, and every lariat is a different colour! You never know what you're going to get.



Hot dog and mustard set cellphone charm with lariat

£ 1.99 

This junk-food charm is guaranteed to add sauce to your gadgets! It consists of a delectable (yet inedible!) hot-dog and an accompanying bottle of mustard. 

ALERT: We only have one of these left, folks!



Bento cellphone charm with lariat

£ 1.99 

Don't have the time or money to pack a beautiful bento everyday?

Why not take one of these along, instead?

These bentos are completely unfattening, contain no sugars or salts, and are lovely to look at. We only have one in stock, so once it's gone, these will be Made-to-Order only.



Large strawberry cellphone charm with lariat

£ 1.99 

Ah, strawberries. The prettiest fruit of them all, regularly featured on cute clothing prints and crafty things. If only you could carry one with you always, that always looked delicious! Well, now you can..

These strawberries will never go off, and the birds will leaev them alone, too! We only have one in stock, so once it's gone, these will be Made-to-Order only.



Little wings hairpin set

£ 3.50 

Wings. Wouldn't you love to be able to fly? Wings have been all over fashion lately, from high-fashion shoe customs to cute kiddies' backpacks. 

Inspired by Hermes' awesome winged staff and shoes, this winged hairpin set is guaranteed to give you a little lift whenever you put them on!



Flowery Headpins

£ 2.99 

Want a longer-lasting, more glamorous, punkier version of that tired boho 'daisies in her hair' look?

You've got it in these hairpins!

Each flower is wire-wrapped around the pin and then secured for safety and durability. Say goodbye to wilting blooms and say hello to flower-saving chic!


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