Picture Gallery

Welcome to our Gallery! We upload all of our crafts here; including WIPs and crafts that aren't for sale or have been discontinued.


 These cake charms are part of a series of delectable phone candy. There are only a few 'available'  as we've sent off most of them to Fearless!

(see our blog for the happy news.)

 This junk-food charm is made up of a hot dog and a mustard bottle. It was kind of hard to make; the mustard was evil! Luckily, it came out well XD


This bento was originally made for a competition; I liked it so much I made it into a charm! There are also a few sushi 'rolls' left over that didn't make it into the box that are being made into a set of earrings in the future.

These large strawberries are a joy to make and always bring a smile to my face! I'm planning on making a few more of these ASAP.

I've always wanted a pair of 'chibi' wings as clips, hair things, a backpack, or even 'real' wings- but up until now, I've never been able to find the right ones! Luckily, I made these, instead!

Made for a friend, these personalised name-badges are a lovely present, as I found out!

Another custom order for a friend, this necklace 'pack' included an assortment of charms (including a blue music note and another charm not seen here).

This button ring is super durable! I've made one for myself and have dropped it, bounced it, sat on it and got it stuck in a car door! >_<

This lipbalm is the epitome of retro cosmetics! Made from ultra-allergen-safe lip balm, the compact container has been recovered in vintage comics. Feel those retro vibes!

These teacup rings are perfect for laaaadies;

be they moustache-wearers or not. I loved hunting for the perfect teacups for these!

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